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Company Accounts

Company Account

The controlled solution for multiple users within an advisory practice

A Company Account is designed for use by several users within a single practice. A single master user has access to all the customisation features to tailor the account to the practice’s requirements which then apply to the ordinary users thus ensuring all reports are consistent with those requirements. Available from £100 per month for two users (+VAT).


  • Online access to Intelligent Wizard Technology ensuring an easy step by step approach to creating a compliant suitability report
    See tutorial video »
  • Provides your company with compliance control via a master user who maintains overall control over the wizard options available to all additional users and more importantly compliance control over the report contents. This ensures your company’s specific requirements can be reflected throughout all reports, whoever and wherever the user, ensuring consistency of approach to the suitability report process
  • Provides the ability to compose unlimited suitability reports across a comprehensive spectrum of financial planning scenarios
    See Quick Reference Guide »
  • Allows creation of multiple reviews and multiple recommendations in a report without duplication of wording.
  • Professional compliant suitability reports are created quickly and efficiently helping to justify Adviser Fees
  • Complies with the FCA’s Principles, general guidance notes and their Suitability Report Factsheet »
  • Reflects COBS 9.4 suitability report requirements
  • Enables rapid production of a report reviewing your client’s Investment Proposition ensuring justification of on-going adviser fees


Client Library

  • Manage the personal and financial information included within a client’s report
  • Integrated with reports automating the updating of client’s current situation
  • Store unlimited clients and reports
  • Automatically save created reports against the client enabling retrieval at any time

Report Style

  • Choose from one of PPOL’s many report Styles to ensure the look and feel of your suitability reports reflect your house style and company branding

Customise Answers

  • Create additional answers to wizard questions & keep for your future use

Attitude to Risk

  • Select from a wide range of pre-defined Attitude to Risk definitions or create and tailor your own

Investment Library

  • Manage the investment-related information included within your reports
  • Store unlimited investment funds and portfolios
  • Utilise PPOL’s investment partners fund information feeds where fund & portfolio related information is updated automatically for you with the inclusion of Fund Facts Sheet

Report Template Editor

  • Tailor your report template so that the wording you want appears in every report
  • Edit your report template with an intuitive and easy-to-use editor
  • Add new wording, hide or edit existing wording ensuring the wording reflects your personal requirements
  • Compare your wording with the PPOL standard wording


  • Add graphics into your report enhancing professionalism and media focus