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Help! How should I copy text into the Report Template Editor (RTE)

Word documents and other source material often contain hidden formatting information setting the font, text size, colour and so forth. So if text is simply copied and pasted into the RTE the hidden formatting will be pasted as well with the outcome that when downloaded the text will reflect the style of the source and not of your report.

To avoid this the copied text needs to be first pasted in Notepad (which doesn't support formatting) to lose the hidden commands, reselected, recopied and pasted into the RTE.

The steps are:

  1. Select the desired text in the source material
  2. Copy it (Ctrl C)
  3. Paste it into Notepad (Ctrl V)
  4. Reselect it (Ctrl A)
  5. Recopy it (Ctrl C)
  6. Paste it into RTE (Ctrl V)

Then make any formatting adjustments required (eg bold, italic etc) using the RTE controls.

And finally click Save.