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Help! How should I email a report to my client?

If you want to email a copy of a report to a client then it is recommended that you send it as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file and not as a Word document.

A PDF is a single file that includes all the text and any images (such as logos and charts) that are included in the report. (In contrast Word documents often have external links to images). This way you know your client will get the complete report.

Your client doesn’t need a copy of Word to read a PDF file (they will need a copy of the free Acrobat PDF Reader from Adobe available here) and they won’t be able to alter the contents of the report.

To save the report as a PDF (only available in newer versions of Word):

 Click on the File tab

  • Choose Save As
  • In the Save As Type menu choose PDF (near the very top)
  • (If Open file after publishing is ticked then the PDF will be opened in Acrobat Reader after saving)
  • Click Save