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Help! I have forgotten my password!

Unfortunately no one can tell you what your forgotten password is (for security reasons there is no access to it). But you can have a new random password sent to the email address you registered for your username. You can then login with this new password and then change it to something you will remember.

  • On the login screen click forgotten password
  • Enter your username and click Email new password
  • Check your email inbox for the message from
  • In the message carefully highlight the new password, right click it and choose Copy
  • Return to your browser and click login to return to the login screen
  • Enter your username
  • Right click in the password textbox and choose Paste
  • Click login – (success? if not see the tips below and try copying and pasting again)
  • Choose My Admin then Change Password
  • Right click in the Confirm old password text box and choose Paste
  • Enter a new password of your choosing and confirm it

Top Tips:

  • When highlighting the new password in the email make sure you don’t highlight any spaces before or after the password
  • As an alternative to copy and passing the new password print the email message and carefully enter the new password by hand
  • Enter your user name before entering your password
  • Before pasting or entering any password ensure the password text box is empty - delete any little black discs or stars
  • Your new password needs to be at least 7 characters long, contain no spaces and have at least one character that is not a letter or a number