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Help! What are Fact Find Templates?

The appropriate facts to collect will depend on the type of client and the areas of advice. For example the fact find for a client who wants advice on where to invest their ISA allowance will be different from one wanting to plan pension decumulation.

The firm's SuperUser can create Fact Find Templates for each type of client & business that the firm deals with. The Templates can then be used as appropriate by all the firm's users to create new Fact Finds.

How does the SuperUser create Fact Find Templates?

Select My Fact Finds and then select Switch to Fact Find Templates (near the top of the page). Here the SuperUser can create new Templates and edit or duplicate existing ones.

The SuperUser can also create a Template based on an existing Fact Find by choosing that option whilst creating a duplicate.

How does a User select a Fact Find Template?

There is now a dropdown list of all the firm's Templates in the New section of My Fact Finds. Select one and the new Fact Find will be pre-populated from the Template.