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Cashflow Modelling & Financial Calculators

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Cashflow Modelling

Simple Cashflow

Use simple inputs to easily model your client’s incomes and spending patterns at their different phases of life and see the impact on their cashflow both in numbers and visually in charts.

Advanced Cashflow

For more sophisticated modelling Advanced Cashflow includes the facilities of the Simple version plus individual investment pots each providing income and/or growth with scheduled additions during accumulation stage of life and withdrawals in decumulation.

Cashflow Pro - Single & Couple

For the ultimate professional modelling Cashflow Pro has additional facilities to include loans, calculate taxation and model the buying & selling of assets. It also allows rules to define how to automatically invest cash surpluses and fund cash shortfalls. Separate versions for modelling a single individual and for a couple.

Taxation Calculators

Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Calculates the taxable gain and CGT liability for an individual from details of relevant investments & assets sold during the tax year.

Inheritance Tax Planner

Calculates the potential IHT liability and the effect of IHT planning to reduce it.

Capital Gains Tax Couple Planner

Calculates the optimal transfer of investments & assets between married couple or civil partners to minimise their total CGT liability.

Chargeable Events Calculator

Calculates the impact of chargeable events and the overall top slicing relief from any combination of withdrawals and encashments of onshore and offshore bonds during the year.

Retirement & Pension Calculators

Retirement Income Planner

Quick and easy overview of income requirements in retirement suggested action plan to meet any shortfall.

State Pension Age Calculator

Calculates the age an individual qualifies for the state pension.

Basic State Pension Calculator

Calculates the weekly basic state pension for an individual.

Immediate v Deferred Pension Comparison

Compare the effect of taking a deferred pension versus an immediate pension of smaller value and visually demonstrate when it becomes advantageous.

Early v Normal Retirement Comparison

See how taking an early retirement impacts on income compared to that of normal retirement age.

Indexed v Level Annuity Comparison

Compare the difference between a level annuity and an index linked one.

Pension Drawdown Cash Calculator

Evaluates the implications of withdrawing from crystallised and/or uncrystallised pension funds. Calculates the gross, net & tax free amounts and the tax withheld if on emergency month 1 basis and the balance to reclaim from HMRC. Shows the reduction in pension income at retirement as a result of the withdrawal.

Property & Mortgage Calculators

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Calculator

Calculate the stamp duty due on the purchase of a property in England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Land & Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) Calculator

Calculate the transaction tax due on the purchase of a property in Scotland.

Mortgage Repayments Calculator

Calculate the monthly repayments and APR for a repayment, interest only or part & part mortgage.

Rental Property Yield Calculator

Calculate the overall yield of a rental property.

Loan Calculators

Loan Early Repayment Calculator

Calculate the impact of making extra payments on the loan term and on the total repaid.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculator

Calculate the overall APR of a loan based on headline interest rate or repayment amounts. Also can take into account upfront fees and inflation.

Investment Calculators

Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) Calculator

Calculate the overall AER of an investment.

Net Return Rate Calculator

Calculate the overall net rate of return of an investment taking into account initial charge, ongoing costs and inflation.

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Calculate the rate of return of an investment.

Present Value (PV) Calculator

Calculate the present value of a discounted cash flow.

Future Value (FV) Calculator

Calculate the future value of a discounted cash flow.