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A smarter suitability report solution for financial advisers

Example Suitability Reports

Our suitability reports are professionally presented, and structured in such a manner that they are easy for your clients to understand. They have a logical and consistent layout. The Introduction section “sets the scene”, followed by the actual recommendation section(s), with any supporting technical information (which is specific to the recommendations being made) contained within the Appendix.

Included below is a selection of some of the typical suitability reports that can be created using the Paraplanning Online suitability report builder. 

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DownloadDateDocument TitleFile Type
Download Investment 29/01/2018 Investment Adobe PDF
Download Mortgage & Protection 29/01/2018 Mortgage & Protection Adobe PDF
Download Workplace Pension 29/01/2018 Workplace Pension Adobe PDF
Download Pension Benefit Comparison 29/01/2018 Pension Benefit Comparison Adobe PDF
Download CGT Couple Calculation 10/08/2015 CGT Couple Calculation Adobe PDF
Download Pension Switch 2016 24/05/2016 Pension Switch 2016 Adobe PDF
Download Investment 2 30/01/2018 Investment 2 Adobe PDF
Download Protection 30/01/2018 Protection Adobe PDF
Download Retirement Income 30/01/2018 Retirement Income Adobe PDF